Author: Maarten L. Buis

mkproject creates a new folder for a data analysis project with a structure that is inspired by the book "The Workflow of Data Analysis Using Stata" by J. Scott Long. It contains some .do files with some boilerplate code, and the beginning of a research log.

This package can be installed by typing in Stata: ssc install mkproject


If you type in Stata: mkproject foo It will create in the current working directory a new directory called foo with the following folder structure:

The docu folder contains the file research_log.txt, which contains some boilerplate text for starting a research log. The work folder contains three .do files:,, and, each with appropriate boilerplate code. The main foo folder will contain the foo.stpr stata project file.

If you want a second data preparation .do file in your work directory, then you go to the work directory and type boilerplate, dta , which will create the file with boilerplate code.